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Hey my friend. I remember when you first started working on this little project. Especially the signature. That was great. Why have you stopped making stuff, I mean besides your ... housemate and of course work and school. But for a while there, you were doing a lot of stuff.

Anyway, I think you can probably do a lot better now so why don't you make something new, especially since from what you've told me lately you've mastered Flash.

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Personally, I have no idea how this song made it into the top 30.

The layering on this song is bad as well as the instruments are low quality. If this is supposed to be a for a video game, perhaps it could work. This work classifies more as a low quality 8 bit tune for a video game and strikes me as such material.

Some of the drum sequences are decent, but canned and recycled. The arpeggios are alright, but the tune itself fails to inspire or even capture the imagination much. With sub-mediocre work, and low quality synths this should not be a top 30 song.

For a beginner's work, it is not too bad, as you have a solid basic composition. You are right that the transitions are rough. That can be covered by using perhaps a break method, or you can work on fixing them.

You have the most basic of melodies, which is really nothing more than a backing track consisting of a drum track and bassline with a little bit of midline to support it.

There -is- enough of the right elements to consider this track as techno, but I would only consider this a first-fruit effort.

Understand I'm not trying to be harsh or anything.

What equipment/software did you use to make this track?

ragingmullet responds:

I made this over a year ago and I no longer even have the files for which I made it with. But I did it with a combination of Fruity Loops 7 and Reaper.

This song was intended to sound kinda cheesy/video game-esk.

Indeed the instruments are low quality, that's what happens when one does not have the money to buy 1000$ sound pack libraries or sample accurate editing software.

Regarding the drums...I'm not sure what your implying by "canned and recycled." Every single drum part you hear I wrote literally note by note, beat by beat, and sound/voice by voice. In-other words none were pre-made, though I did repeat some of the grooves after developing them.

Okayyyyy hmm

This doesn't quite qualify as HH. It has a hardcore thread, and vibe. It's got the right speed. The problem is in the note/chord progression. It gives a much darker feel rather than being light and happy. No amount of high end bright and happy will fix the mid and basslines if they aren't written with the same energy.

The note progression rising by only say a half note/step at each section is hurting you, and the key changes jumping the way they do could be re-structured for a better sound. As it is, this sounds more like fight music from say Final Fantasy Adventures or maybe one of the other Final Fantasy games.

Good attempt, but I think you might want to go back to the drawing board a little bit. I do agree the track needs more of a dance influence.

AetherFlaer responds:

Thanks for the breakdown. I'll go back to the drawing board. This was really my first attempt at HH.

You know you like something when:

I hit download twice just to make sure I had this song.

I think I've become an instant fan. If you do take the contract, you must let us NG'ers know what name you'll be using so we can buy your trax!

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